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Tiffany K. Scott, Coach T


Always inspired to uplift others, Coach T brings her innate passion and experience to each coaching interaction. Facilitating the journey from stuck-to-clarity, Coach T provides a safe and empowering atmosphere for women to dive into their most inner thoughts and discover ‘the why’ behind mental blocks (or a state of stuck). Encouraging transparency, in a judgement free space, Coach T supports women who are committed to reframing their thought-life for a more fulfilled one.

Coach T



Tough decision ahead?

In-laws plucking your last nerve?

Manager continuously overlooking you for promotions?

Falling out of love with your spouse or partner?

Kids going off the handle?


Prefer to release and confidentially vent, without judgement? Schedule a Heart2Heart. We are here to listen.

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What Clients Are Saying

Samantha - Real Client (Fictitious Name)

Yesterday was fantastic and exactly what I needed! God bless you for taking this journey with me. 

Caylee  - Real Client (Fictitious Name)

From Day 1 Coach T has been amazing. It feels great to have someone to listen and be understanding.

Cheryl - Real Client (Fictitious Name)

It's the passion for me. Like you want me to win as much as I want me to win.