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Hide and Seek

Ready to escape?

Book HeResort and meet us in the (virtual) Community, 4-6 weeks from today! 

After you soar through Resume (1 Confidante session) and Recharge (2 Recharge sessions), you will gain access to a Community of like-minded women (a sisterhood) who will cheer you on, pray for/with you, and support your journey in STAYING in overflow. 

Coaching and Confidante services are for individuals who are emotionally and psychologically healthy and who desire to make changes and move forward in their lives. Our Coaches and Confidantes do not provide advice, therapy, nor counseling. However, all services will encourage the facilitation of an honest and clarifying conversation. If you are feeling suicidal or in need of urgent support, you are encouraged to dial 911. 

 988 (Suicide and Crisis Lifeline) Available 24 hours

Tropical Resort